Episode 27: Scary Twixes (The Ghosts Betwixt)

Today we look at a game that isn’t out quite yet. A future Kickstarter game designed by Dustin Freund published by Innocent Traveler Games. This game makes you roll dice to beat the bad guys who stole your brother/son and took him into the haunted farmhouse. At it’s core it’s a spooky storytelling RPG where you cooperatively possibly save your brother/son.

  • Bill’s the dad
  • Charlie talks about Droug
  • Some characters get vehicles
  • What’s your favorite cartoon cat?

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Board Game Geek

Visit The Ghosts Betwixt website for upcoming Kickstarter news such as the launch date and everything else you want to know about the game that we may have skimmed by.

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We go on tangents and talk about boardgames. We're pretty cool.

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